Ikea Furniture Assembly


Despite the ergonomic, modern, and minimalist furniture design by Ikea, it is by no means easy to install. If you have ever tried to set up Ikea furniture, but gave up because you couldn’t get the hang of it, you should call Assembly Experts to set it up for you.

Since the staff at Assembly Experts deals with a lot more than Ikea furniture assembly Toronto, we can set up any furniture at any location for you. We offer installation and assembly services for offices as well as homes. Not only do we set up furniture for the indoors, but our staff is also adept at setting furniture for the outdoors as well.

Home furniture assembly

For homes, we deal with kitchen cabinet assembly, appliances installation, fixtures installation, and much more. If you are moving into a new house, you have to set up the entire furniture and appliances. Instead of doing it yourself, why not let experts do it in less time and with less hassle?

We take safety precautions in setting up the furniture. A lot of the time, setting up furniture can lead to damage to property. However, our staff is experienced and ensures that this never happens. In the rare case it does, we compensate our clients accordingly.

Our staff can set up Ikea furniture in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, lounge, and other areas of the house.

Office furniture assembly

Office equipment and furniture is a bit difficult to set up since you have to maximize the space. Setting it up on your own is a tough task. Hence, Assembly Experts offer easy solutions and ensure that your office space is set up in as little time as possible. In addition to setting up desks, chairs, we also set up appliances and electronic equipment. You can have your office ready in a few hours as opposed to a few days.

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    Ikea Furniture Assembly Toronto

    The furniture has to be a class. And, so should be its assembly.

    We help you maintain that class with the finest services in town. People look for Ikea furniture but sometimes they take its assembly quite lightly.

    This affects not just the strength and durability of the furniture but also, the looks. It just takes assembly of your furniture to enhance or deteriorate the quality of your furniture.

    For the Ikea furniture assembly in Toronto, we are here to work on the enhancement of your furniture. Our workers while assembling the pieces make sure to use the precise angles and make them fixed properly. Thus, they increase the lifetime of your furniture. 

    Kitchen Cabinet Assembly

    Kitchen cabinets have to look pretty to go with the rest of the theme. Their assembly and is not very easy. We make sure to maintain the beauty of your kitchen. The cabinets installed by us will look like a part of the walls. We are used to doing fine work. Thus, your kitchen would not look messy at all.

    Also, small chairs and tables to adjust in your kitchen would give it quite an impressive and composed look. So, hire us to furnish it as you have imagined.

    Home Furniture Assembly

    Make your home furnished according to your desires. You will get a lot of suggestions, but we suggest listening to your heart. So that when we listen to you, we know what you are actually looking for.

    Office Furniture Assembly

    Your office has to look perfect in all aspects. Furniture carries foremost importance in the embellishment of your office. We take care of your place like professionals.

    So, don’t worry about anything. We make it arranged in perfect symmetry and proportion. Nothing looks extra and nothing less, you are going to get perfectly assembled and arranged furniture. 

    We will definitely provides you a luxurious and comfortable office furniture.  From assembling your furniture to enhancing it, we can deal with everything. 

    You will surely get all of your required material from here.

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